Brightwood develops solutions for Hotels, Multifamily units, and Villa Estates.


Provide your guests with the modern hotel experience.

Quick check-in.

Guests can use their phone to check in, gain access to their rooms, and manage their stay.

Phone control.

From laying on the bed, guests can heat up their bath, turn on their music, and dim the lights.

Save guest profile.

Guests can store their preferences about temperature, wake-up, do not disturb, and more. Next time they stay with you, their room will be just how they like it.

Save energy.

Rooms will automatically manage their temperature when guests aren't there to save you money.


Delight renters while increasing NOI.

Increase your team's efficiency.

Brightwood helps maximize your team's efficincy by simplifying processes.

Automate doorlock management.

Brightwood automatically transfers the door lock codes to your tenants, removing lock-out and eliminating the need to physically deliver keys.

Unite your building management.

Security, energy management, liability reduction, and management efficiency all in one place.


Experience Aadaptive home.

Better wellness.

From human centric lighting that improves your mood to deep sleep temperature control, home can now take care of your family.

Stay safe.

Brightwood monitors your home for unusual activity and can proactively deter break-ins.

The most convenient home.

Brightwood learns your living habits over time so that your home starts to control itself, making it the most convenient home around.