The Brightwood platform makes deploying your intelligent building reliable and fast.

Each project work at
four levels of implementation.

You can understand a Brightwood system as combining Building Control, Home / Unit Control, Hardware Connectivity, and Cloud Management.


Buildings are optimized for increasing NOI.

Review performance, optimize functioning, and reduce the manpower required for operation.

  • Check-in / Check-out Management
  • Door Access Management for Common Areas
  • Energy Optimization
  • Common Area Lighting and Temperature Automation
  • Elevator Control
  • Log Employee Room Access to Reduce Liability
  • Access from Anywhere in the World
  • Data Analytics on Performance


Each home or apartment is its own private system.

Residents or guests each can control and manage their own living environment.

  • Smart lighting with natural light wellness function
  • Key-free door locks with guest management
  • Temperature automation
  • Phone apps for control
  • Traditional switches remain
  • Voice-control ready
  • Security Add-on ready
  • For luxury installations, add floor heating, smart curtains, water heating, smart bath, and more


We have 90,000+ hardware devices compatible.

Intelligent hardware can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere in the world and managed by your Brightwood system.


Cloud that safe and secure to keep your data private.

The cloud brings together the entire solution to run and optimize it.

  • Deployable in 50+ countries
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Banking grade encryption